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IDG Enterprise's 2015 Big Data and Analytics survey shows that the number of organizations with deployed/implemented data-driven projects has increased by 125% over the past year. The momentum continues to build. Big Data as a concept is characterized by 3Vs: Volume, Velocity, and Variety. Big Data implies a huge amount of data. Due to the sheer size, Big Data tends to be clumsy. The dominating implementation solution is Hadoop, which is batch based. Not just a handful of companies in the market merely collect lots of data with noise blindly, but they don't know how to cleanse it, let alone how to transform, store and consume it effectively. They simply set up a HDFS cluster to dump the data gathered and then label it as their "Big Data" solution. Unfortunately, the consequence of what they did actually marks the death of Big Data. Collecting a lot of data is litera... (more)

IoT and Big Data

40 billion devices are predicted to be on the Internet by 2020. The data volume in the world is projected to reach 40 Zettabytes in 2020. Internet of Things and Big Data will fundamentally change the world in the next few years. To understand why, let's clarify what IoT and Big Data are about. In a nutshell, IoT is concerned with the network of physical entities with embedded technologies to sense, collect, communicate and interact with their internal states and/or the external environment. As an example of IoT, smart thermostats use sensors, real-time weather forecasts, and the ac... (more)

Applied Cloud Engineering

Applied Cloud Engineering (ACE) is a holistic engineering approach for pragmatic development and integration of real-life cloud solutions. It is the field concerned with the converged and codified application of the Cloud Engineering and Cloud Metaengineering practices to the practical design, operation and consumption of Cloud services from a womb-to-tomb perspective, including the concepts, principles, methods, frameworks, techniques, and patterns. ACE equips the practitioners with the best industry practices, management schemes and technical skills to accelerate the adoption, ... (more)

Big Data Method

The current Big Data paradigm continues evolving to exit the immature state. This has evidently forced many early adopters to search in the dark for the light at the end of the tunnel, in order to construct useful Big Data solutions that have tangible values. The inevitable reality is that such ad-hoc efforts are very risky and tentative with short-sightedness and ineffectiveness, which ultimately hurt the growth and adoption of the technology. A well thought-through method is not only crucial, but also necessary to fully harness the power of Big Data potentials. The Big Data Met... (more)

Blind Men and Hadoop

As you know, the old tale of the “Blind Men and an Elephant” shows the relativism and opaqueness or inexpressible nature of truth, where there is a deficit or inaccessibility of information. This is very true in the Hadoop world today. If you ask 10 people what Hadoop is, it is very likely that you may get 11 answers back nowadays. As the topic is getting hotter and hotter, it is actually becoming more and more confusing. It is not uncommon these days that some people bring up Hadoop as a “hammer” to address literally every IT issue we are facing now. Some people without deep kno... (more)